EHR Preconfigured Section - Encounter Diagnoses

The Encounter Diagnoses Element keeps track of the active diagnoses involved in a single encounter.

Once added to an Incident, any existing active diagnoses in the patient’s Problem List will be displayed in the Past Diagnoses and Problems table.

An active diagnosis can be moved to the Encounter by clicking the up arrow next to the diagnosis. If the diagnosis was moved to the Encounter and it should not be, the down arrow will move it back to the list of Past Diagnoses and Problems.

To add a new diagnosis, click the blue Encounter Diagnoses hyperlink. This will open the Universal Coding view.

Once a code has been selected, it will appear in the Encounter Diagnosis table. Clicking the Add to Problem List hyperlink adds the diagnosis to the patient’s Problem List.

If a diagnosis is added by mistake, it may be removed by clicked the red minus icon next to the name of the diagnosis.

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