EMR & EDR Element - Chief Complaint

The Chief Complaint Element displays the primary reason for a patient’s visit. This is displayed on CDA documents (clinical summaries).

Add a Chief Complaint to the Form by dragging the Chief Complaint from the Form Element box in the Form Section Palette (EMR/EDR > Toggle Palette) to the Form Section. Click the block to edit the name, size, position, and special properties in the Inspector.

Clicking the green plus in the top right corner of the Chief Complaint window will permit the addition of a new Complaint that can either be added, or pulled from an existing list in the Chief Complaint Reference.

Once a Chief Complaint has been added to the patient’s record, a prompt will appear that allows for Notes to be entered. Any information that expands on the Chief Complaint will be entered here. Notes can be added or edited to any existing Chief Complaint by double clicking on any existing Chief Complaint in the patient’s record.

A Chief Complaint can be removed by clicking the red minus when a complaint is selected. A prompt will appear verifying that the complaint should be deleted. Once deleted, a complaint cannot be retrieved, but a new one may be added.

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