Perio - New Perio Chart from Most Recent

You may create a new perio chart from an existing record, or select which notation points to pull onto the new chart. In the New Perio Record from Most Recent menu, select Pull Everything to pull all of the notation points. To pull only specific notation points, select Pick Which Notation Points to Pull. On the resulting sheet, select the checkbox for any notation point that should pull on the resulting perio record.

When a perio chart is created, the patient’s current restorative work is carried over. If a user goes to Restorative and adds another extraction, the new extraction will be reflected only in the most recent perio chart created. All previously created charts will retain the state of the patient’s mouth as they were originally saved. If a user adds data on a perio chart for a tooth on the most recent chart, and then the user goes into Restorative and marks that tooth as extracted, the most recent perio chart will not reflect this change as the data for this tooth is not deleted.

The perio records are timestamped at the time of creation with a snapshot of the current state of the patient’s mouth. This way if a user goes back to a perio chart from three years ago it’s accurate based on what the patient’s mouth looked like at that time. If something changes after the perio record is created the perio record is not affected. If the user forgot to add something they’re going to have to create a new perio chart. If they already started entering information they can easily pull from their most recent perio chart.

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