Perio - Charting Options

Perio Charting options can be changed by selecting the gear in the top right corner. These options are usually set up during the initial stages of implementing Perio Charting. The input order will follow the user's login as different computers are used. 

  • Hide Teeth: The Hide Teeth button hides the tooth graphics and displays only the data cells within the Perio Chart.
  • Hide Restorations: The Hide Restorations button hides any restoration graphics or notations displaying only the basic tooth graphics and data cells.
  • Set To Primary/Permanent: The Set To Primary or Set to Permanent button will change the dentition for the Perio Chart. The dentition will show as primary if the patient is younger than 13 years. If the patient is 13 years or older, the teeth will be set to permanent. Note that changing the dentition during a visit will clear all the notation values for that current visit.
  • Flip Lingual Aspect: The Flip Lingual Aspect button will change the orientation of the Perio Chart data cells and teeth graphics, which also reverses pocket order for each tooth. This feature can be enabled to eliminate confusion on tooth numbers and input order. 
  • Input Order: The Input Order table sets the progression of teeth (by Tooth Number) in which the focus automatically moves as data is added to the Perio Chart. By default, the order is set to 1-8F, 9-16F, 1-8L, 9-16L, 17-24F, 25-32F, 17-24L, 25-32L. Drag and drop  any of the tooth number sets to reorder the input order. Click the Reverse Tooth Numbers button for any tooth number set to reverse the order of the teeth. This input order will be saved to the user login and will follow the clinician as they move throughout the office. 
  • Reset To Defaults: The Reset to Defaults button will clear the input order and replace them with the default order found above.
  • Single Click Selects: This setting determines whether a single click in a given pocket will Quick Toggle to that notation point, or whether it will fully switch to Currently Charting that point.  A quick toggle will allow one pocket to be notated, and then switch back to the previously selected pocket.
    Double-clicking will perform the action that isn't set. For example, if you have a single click set to quick toggle, double clicking will use the Currently Charting behavior.
  • Highlight measurements above: The Highlight measurements above field sets the threshold in which a probing will be highlighted within the Perio Chart. Highlighted cells appear with a red background and white text. By default, all probings or measurements above 3 will be highlighted.
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