Dental - Charting Shortcuts

Charting shortcuts are used to quickly chart common procedures or supercodes. Using a charting shortcut is simple. Select the correct chart (Patient Chart, Completed Procedures, or Treatment Plan) in the incident panel and left click on a tooth. The tooth will be highlighted to confirm the selection. Click a charting shortcut to immediately chart on the patient. Notice that the Clinical Notes Table will update as well showing all the newly added procedures. If the charting shortcut is for a cleaning or an item that should not have tooth numbers included, deselect all teeth and then click the charting shortcut. 

One thing to keep in mind...

In order for a Charting Shortcut to visually chart a procedure onto a patient chart, the code you wish to create a shortcut for must be mapped on the Charting Code Map.  This can be a complex subject, so we strongly recommend both referring to the Charting Code Map Guided Learning article, and reaching out to MacPractice Support if you run into any issues. We also advise creating a backup before modifying the Charting Code Map, in case any mistakes are made.

Create Shortcuts

 Click the ellipsis (...) in the charting shortcut table to create a new shortcut. This next process is exactly the same as modifying a shortcut, select a Fee, Tooth Condition, or Supercode. Select the Icon Image to add as the charting shortcut. Select an image from the default apple images or select other to use finder to locate an image. Note: Icon Images will display at 39 by 39 pixels and can be uploaded as .png. .jpg, or .tiff. Charting Shortcut Icon Images do not support transparencies and images uploaded with transparency channels may have artifacts.

Modifying Shortcuts

Shortcuts will come set with a default selection. The shortcuts will most likely need to be updated to work with the office fee schedule. Simply right click on the shortcut to modify or view the selected codes. A charting shortcut can be set to pull a fee from the fee schedule, a tooth condition, or a supercode. The user will need to input a surface if the procedure requires a unique surface code.


Delete Shortcuts

Shortcuts can easily be deleted if the shortcut will not be put to use. Simply right click on the charting shortcut and click the red in the following screen. 

Stock Images
Below are the stock charting shortcut images that have been provided by MacPractice. These images can be used for any shortcut needed by the office. The suggested shortcut has been added to the right of the image.   
  • chIcon_abrasion.jpg Abrasion
  •  chIcon_adjunctive.jpgAdjunctive
  •  chIcon_amalgamrestoration.jpgAmalgam Restoration
  • chIcon_annotate.jpg Annotate
  • AquaCrown.jpg Aqua Crown
  • chIcon_blood.jpg Blood
  • chIcon_bridge.jpg Bridge
  • chIcon_crown.jpg Crown (Light Blue)
  • DkBlueCrown.jpg Crown (Dark Blue)
  • GrayCrown.jpg Crown (Grey)
  • GreenCrown.jpg Crown (Green)
  • OrangeCrown.jpg Crown (Orange)
  • PurpleCrown.jpg Crown (Purple)
  • RedCrown.jpg Crown (Red)
  • YellowCrown.jpg Crown (Yellow)
  • chIcon_defects.jpg Defects
  • chIcon_discoloration.jpg Discoloration
  • chIcon_erosion.jpg Erosion
  • chIcon_doctorexam.jpg Exam
  • chIcon_extraction.jpg Extraction
  • chIcon_finescaling.jpg Fine Scaling
  • chIcon_fracture.jpg Fracture
  • chicon_implant.jpg Implant
  • chIcon_inlay.jpg Inlay
  • chIcon_ortho.jpg Orthodontics
  • chIcon_pins.jpg Pins
  • chIcon_plaque.jpg Plaque
  • chIcon_porcelainrestoration.jpg Porcelain Restoration
  • chIcon_post.jpg Post
  • chIcon_prophylaxis.jpg Prophylaxis
  • chIcon_prosthesis.jpg Prothesis
  • chIcon_prosthodontics.jpg Prosthodontics
  • chIcon_recession.jpg Recession
  • chIcon_alt_restoration_O.jpg Restoration (O) (Red)
  • chIcon_restoration_O.jpg Restoration (O) (Blue)
  • chIcon_alt_restoration_MO.jpg Restoration (MO) (Red)
  • chIcon_restoration_MO.jpg Restoration (MO) (Blue)
  • chIcon_alt_restoration_MOD.jpg Restoration (MOD) (Red)
  • chIcon_restoration_MOD.jpg Restoration (MOD) (Blue)
  • chIcon_alt_restoration_OD.jpg Restoration (OD) (Red)
  • chIcon_restoration_OD.jpg Restoration (OD) (Blue)
  • chIcon_rootcanal.jpg Root Canal
  • chIcon_rpd.jpg RPD
  • chIcon_finescaling.jpg Scaling
  • chIcon_sealant.jpg Sealant
  • chIcon_yellowtooth.jpg Yellow Color
  • chIcon_toothxray.jpg Tooth X-Ray
  • 2_Bitewings.png 2 Bitewings
  • 4_Bitewings.png 4 Bitewings



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