Charting Menu - Toggle Watch

The Charting Menu can be accessed by right clicking on a tooth within the patients chart. Notice that the tooth will be highlighted to confirm that the correct selection was made. The charting menu will act as the platform for entering any procedures or annotations to the patient's record. Before using the charting menu, select the correct view within the dental tab. Procedures that were completed outside of the office should be recorded in the Patient Chart. Procedures completed in the office should be charted within the Completed Procedures. Items that are planned for the future should be recorded under the treatment plan chart.
Teeth can be graphically notated to be watched closely by using the Toggle Watch in the Charting Menu. Simply select Toggle Watch and a red dot will be added onto the tooth in the chart. Click and drag the red dot to the surface that needs to be watched on the tooth. 
When a watch is added to a tooth, a Clinical Note entry will be created in the Clinical Note Table. Additional information can be added to this note. If a tooth should not be marked as watch, simply select the entry from the Clincial Note Table and press the delete button. If a watch entry was added to a tooth but has now been corrected, right click on the clinical note and invalidate. This will remove the watch from the patient's chart but will leave the notes in the clinical table. A new watch can be added once the previous watch has been invalidated. 
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