Charting Menu - Caries/Defective Restoration

Before using the charting menu, select the correct view within the dental tab. Procedures that were completed outside of the office should be recorded in the Patient Chart. Procedures completed in the office should be charted within the Completed Procedures. Items that are planned for the future should be recorded under the treatment plan chart. The Charting Menu can be accessed by right clicking on a tooth. Notice that the tooth will be highlighted to confirm that the correct selection was made. The charting menu will act as the platform for entering any procedures or annotations to the patient's record. 

Caries and Defective Restorations can be recorded within the patient's account. Charting caries and defective restorations will place a graphical display onto the dental chart and a clinical note into the clinical note table

The options for this selection are quite simple. MacPractice will automatically pull the patient's provider from the demographics tab. This can be changed on the fly to the provider that is notating the decay or the defect.  The number will also display the tooth that is selected within the chart. This can be changed by closing this window and selecting the correct tooth if needed. 

Start by marking the type of condition, Decay or Defective restoration. The graphic view can be changed to select different areas on the tooth such as a Class V decay on the lingual view. However, the user can also use the checkboxes to quickly select the surface without needing to change the view. 

Once all selections have been made, click OK to add this graphic to the chart and to add a line item to the clinical notes table.


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