Charting Menu - Exam & Radiology

The Charting Menu can usually be accessed by right clicking on a tooth within the patients chart. However, most exams and radiology do not need a tooth number when billing to insurance. A button titled chart without tooth can be used to open the Charting Menu without including a tooth number. The charting menu will act as the platform for entering any procedures or annotations to the patient's record. Before using the charting menu, select the correct view within the dental tab. Procedures that were completed outside of the office should be recorded in the Patient Chart. Procedures completed in the office should be charted within the Completed Procedures. Items that are planned for the future should be recorded under the treatment plan chart. 

The Exam & Radiology option lists all codes from the selected Fee Schedule relating to tooth exam and radiology that have been entered in the Charting Code Map. MacPractice does not display a graphic for an exam or radiology visit. A clinical note will be added to the Clinical Note Table for details on the exam or the radiology visit.
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