Dental - Invalidate and Undo Invalidate

The dental tab comes with the option to invalidate a line item on the patient's chart. Invalidating an item will involve both the clinical notes table and most of the different charting views: Patient Chart and Completed Procedures. If an item or procedure is marked as invalidated, the graphical notation will be removed from the charting view and the clinical note will be changed to grey. The note portion of the clinical note will remain unchanged allowing the clinicians to see a history of the patient notes. 

As an example, a clinician might have a watch on a tooth in the patient's chart. The clinical note would explain that the tooth is being closely watched as it might turn into a carie that needs a restoration. If this problem has resolved itself, the watch can be invalidated to turn off the graphical notation. This will also grey out the note within the clinical table. This information is still available to the clinician if the problem reoccurres later or develops into a serious problem. 

Invalidating an item on a patient's account is simple. Right click on the item in the clinical notes table and select invalidate. This will bring up a box defaulting to the current date for the user. As the line is invalidated, the chart will change as well. Click undo validation to place the notations back on the chart.  

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