Dental - Completed Procedures Chart

The Completed Procedures is a graphical representation of the patient's restoration and charting history within the office. Think of the charting incident panel as a timeline, the Completed Procedures would be the present information that is completed in the office. Notice that Completed Procedures is available under each incident in the left sidebar. MacPractice is designed this way allowing incidents to organize the patient's procedures. Note: For information on charting the office's past procedures without displaying the transactions as production or generating new claims, please see the Charting Past Work Guide.

The Completed Procedures will display all of the restorations with a green outline. This outline allows the user to see the timeline of restorations with just a glance. The green color can be changed within the dental options if desired. Since these procedures were completed at the office, the information will be imported into the ledger view of the dental tab. 

The Charting Menu can be accessed by right clicking on a tooth. Notice that the tooth will be highlighted to confirm that the selection was correct. Right clicking on a tooth will automatically place the correct tooth number and surface into the Clinical Note Table with the selected procedure. Select the Chart Without Tooth button if a procedure was completed and does not require a tooth number i.e. exams and radiology. Speed up the charting process by using the charting shortcuts to the left of the chart. Update the Charting Code Map on the server computer if an option is missing in the Charting Menu. 

To remove a completed procedure the user will need to switch to the ledger view by clicking on the ledger icon. Select the line item in the ledger view and press the delete button on the keyboard. MacPractice will not allow the procedure to be deleted if there is a claim or payment attached to the fee. 

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