Schedule - Small Calendar

The Small Calendar is located in the bottom-left corner of the screen in the Schedule Ability and is used to navigate and select specific ranges of time to display within the Appointments Calendar.

You can toggle the Small Calendar on or off by clicking the Calendar icon in the lower left of the MacPractice Window when on the Schedule Ability.


Today's date is marked with a red dot in the Small Calendar, and the selected day or days are highlighted (shown in the screen shot below in light blue).


As long as "Single click action in small calendar" is enabled in Preferences > Scheduling > Calendar, you will be able to click on a date to navigate to that date in the Appointments Calendar.

In Preferences, Show __ days when selecting appointments will bring up the schedule for the first time it will bring up Today's date, in addition to the number of days placed in the box. This also works when clicking on the Home icon.

To navigate within the small calendar, click the arrows to view the former or previous month. To select multiple days, select the days within the small calendar by clicking a day and dragging the cursor to highlight the range of desired days or use the Navigation Bar.

Double clicking on the week will open that week in the Schedule Ability.

Double clicking on the day of the week will open every instance of that day for the month in the Schedule Ability.

Command click to select and display multiple days, consecutive or in-consecutive.

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    Change in-consecutive to Nonconsecutive.