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You can use the Text area of the Appointment Display to determine what information will appear in the appointment box. There are three areas within the appointment, and text can be set separately for each.
  • Patient Name (Header)
  • Appointment Text (Body)
  • Footer


Patient Name (Header)
The Patient Name (header) pop-up menu contains several different sets of information that can be displayed.

Appointment Text (Body)
You can use the Appointment Text table to add text to the body of the appointment. To add a new line, click the small plus button. By default, the line will appear at the bottom of the list, but you can drag it to a new position if you prefer. Check the Enable checkbox to ensure the line will be displayed in the appointment. If this is unchecked, the line will not appear in the Appointments view. Finally, select the information you would like displayed from the Format menu.

Additional Options
After setting the appointment display text, you can check the box labeled "Remove blank items during display", which will remove the blank line from an appointment, if a particular selection does not contain any information. Check "Separate items by comma" to have each piece of information separated by a comma, rather than on a separate line. If this is unchecked, each Line set in the Appointment Text table will be displayed as a separate line in the appointment.

The Footer menu allows you to choose the text that will be displayed at the bottom of the appointment.

To the right of your Text options, you will see a Preview area. This will display the information you have selected, so you can confirm your settings without having to toggle between Appointments and Appointment Display.
Note: Each appointment can only show a finite amount of information. If you have many options selected in the Appointment Text area, some of the content may be truncated. For example, if you have a single unit appointment, there may only be room to display the Header.

Treatment Plans & Appointment Display Options
A number of the Appointment Display text options will only display if there are treatments associated to the appointment. Any of the text items with parenthesis (except "Empty Line" and "Followup Type, Last Visit, Frequency") will only be displayed if there are treatments associated to the appointment, as well as the Treatment Plan Codes and Treatment Plan Descriptions options.

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