Schedule - Transparencies All Blocks (7.3 and earlier)

Note: This article is relevant for MacPractice Builds 7.3 and earlier. We've revamped how Transparencies work in later builds of MacPractice Gen 10. Click here for a guide on the new workflow.

The All Blocks tab allows for the management of all transparency blocks within a transparency.

Above the list of all blocks in the selected transparency is the Options menu to manage the transparency:

  • Remove Repeats: This option will remove any repeat rules from the selected transparency, and remove all repeat instances of the block from the schedule.
  • Remove Blocks: This will delete the selected block(s) from the transparency. Deleted blocks cannot be retrieved.
  • Apply Selected block rule to other blocks: Select this option to apply the selected transparency block's rules (including repeat rules) to other blocks within the transparency. A search window will appear allowing the selection of the block or blocks to apply the rules to:
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