Kiosk - Using Kiosk Mode

On the Kiosk machine, enter the Kiosk username and password to log in to MacPractice.
First, you will be taken to a Demographics form. When this Demographics from is completed, the Patient's information will be updated in your MacPractice database.


After demographics is complete, you will then have access to each of the patient forms sent to Kiosk. These forms are displayed in the Forms column. Complete a form and click the Next button to advance to another form, which will also save the information to MacPractice. When all forms are complete, click the All Done button at the bottom right of the kiosk window. On the confirmation window, click the Done button to exit the forms.

This confirmation will return the Kiosk machine to the lock screen to await another form. Enter the Kiosk Username and Password to exit Kiosk mode, then log back in as another user to access MacPractice and use the Kiosk as a terminal.
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