Kiosk - Sending Kiosk Forms

Forms can be sent to the Kiosk from any computer that is not the Kiosk itself.

To generate a patient form, select the patient in the One mode, select the template, and click the plus button within the sidebar. Repeat the process for all forms. To send a patient form, select the form within the sidebar, and select Send Form to Kiosk Machine from the EMR or EDR menu.

The Kiosk window will display the name and IP address of the computer to which the form is to be sent. To send multiple forms, drag the forms to the Forms table in the Kiosk window. Click the Send to Kiosk button to send the forms. Click the Refresh button if the forms do not appear in Kiosk, to refresh the forms on the Kiosk computer, or to remove forms from the Kiosk computer.
To remove a form before a patient begins filling it in, you can select the form from the form table and then press the Delete Key.
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