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EHG Template
The EHG template is the dental claims template used to upload claims to DentalXChange. Once you send your claims, you will need to check the DentalXChange website for further information. Your claims in MacPractice will stay in the Sent status until you either post payment to close the claim, or manually close the claim.

DentalXchange ClaimConnect
To review your claims, visit the DentalXChange website at You may also access the site by going to the Internet ability in MacPractice and clicking on DentalXChange in the sidebar. You will need to login using your username and password. This information will be provided to you during your eClaims training. If you have forgotten your password, please contact the MacPractice Support department at 877-220-8418.
NOTE: There are a few items that are disabled in the MacPractice Internet ability, such as pop up windows and some JavaScript. You may want to use an external browser, such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox, to utilize all of the website's features.

Once you have logged in to the site, click the Claim Search link in the sidebar to view your claims.

On the Claim Search page, you may view all problem claims (A), search for a specific claim (B), or view your entire claims batch (C).

Click the Transmittal Status link near the bottom to view all batches of claims that have been transmitted to DentalXchange. The Batch Claims page will show you all claims you have sent in a singe transmission, including the date and time the claims were received, the total number of claims submitted, the total fees submitted, and whether the claims were uploaded successfully or not. If you ever see a message that says "Batch upload failure," please contact MacPractice Support for assistance. Otherwise, you can click the "Claims List" link to view all claims submitted in a single batch.

You should regularly log in to the DentalXChange site to check up on problem claims. You can quickly view all claims that need review by clicking on the View All Problem Claims link on the Claims Search page. You can also see all problem claims of a given type by clicking on the links below. Claims with validation errors failed DentalXChange validation. This means that DentalXChange stopped the claim because information was missing or invalid. Rejected claims have passed DentalXChange validation, were forwarded to the payer, and sent back to DentalXChange because the payer found a problem. On the Problem Claims page, click the link in the Status column to view the claim details and claim errors. If you need to delete a claim, check the box in the Delete column and click the delete button near the bottom of the page. If you experience any issues deleting claims, try using an external browser, such as Safari or Firefox, instead of using the Internet ability in MacPractice.

The reason for the error will be displayed at the top of the Claim Details page. Please review these error messages and use them to fix your claims.

You may fix your claim directly on DentalXChange, but please note this does not change any information in MacPractice. You will likely want to also fix the problem in MacPractice to avoid any confusion or any future problems. It is MacPractice's recommendation that all incorrect information for claims be corrected within MacPractice, rebuilt, and then re-sent, rather than just correcting at DentalXchange. Correcting at DentalXchange does not fix any incorrect information that is entered into MacPractice.

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