EMR & EDR - Clinical Ledger

The EMR/EDR ability's Clinical Ledger is a view of ledger entries and selected information from the View Options area.

  • The Incident pane displays all active and archived incidents and the information that has been associated to the incident for the patient.
  • The View Options menu sets the information that will display in the Clinical Ledger pane. This information is separate from the Ledger > View Options and will not affect the Ledger's display.
  • The detail pane displays basic information about an item.
Control how the Clinical Ledger is viewed in Preferences > EMR/EDR > Other
To display the Clinical Ledger as the default view when an EMR/EDR form is selected, choose the Clinical Ledger from the "Default View below form" menu.
The "When double clicking on an item in the Clinical ledger" menu has options to display the information in a separate window if the option applies (for example, notes will open in their own window), or navigate to the related ability (for example, clicking an image will navigate to the Image/Attachment ability).

To display Form Table View when the Clinical Ledger is the default view, Control-click on the Clinical Ledger and select "Switch to Form Table".
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