EMR & EDR - Menu Bar Options

The Menu Bar in the EMR/EDR ability contains an additional Menu title with a set of items specific to EMR/EDR.

The EMR/EDR Menu title contains the following items:

  • Import EMR/EDR Forms: Imports an EMR/EDR form
  • Export EMR/EDR Forms: Exports an EMR/EDR form
  • Send Form to Kiosk Machine: Allows users to send a selected Patient Form to the Kiosk for the patient to fill out. 
  • Show Layout Rectangles: Shows a red border around each element (as pictured above) when in a Form Section. 
  • Toggle Narrative/Form: Toggles the form between Narrative and Form views
  • Toggle Palette: Toggles the Forms Palette on or off
  • Print Multiple Patient Forms: Allows you to Print multiple forms for a patient
  • Print Narrative: Prints the Narrative View of a form
  • Upload Form to Server: sends a copy of the selected form to MacPractice to share with other offices.
For more information on the Menu Bar, see the Menu Bar topic.
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