EMR & EDR Template Builder Pull Fields - Patient

Pull Fields pull information from the patient record to the patient form. Drag the pull field from the Pull Field section of the Form Section Palette to the Form Section and drag the resulting orange bounding box to edit the size. Click, hold, and drag the field to move it to another location.

A pull field can be set to a Dynamic Pull Field so that the information displayed on the patient form will dynamically reflect the current state of the data. For example, a Dynamic Pull Field for the patient's age would update on the patient's next birthday whereas a static pull field would always display the patient's age on the day on which the form was created.
Set a Pull Field to dynamic with the "Dynamic Pull Field" checkbox in the General tab of any pull field's Label Inspector.
  • Person: The Patient
  • Salute: Patient's prefix (plus a period). For example, Mr., Mrs., Ms.
  • Last Name: Patient's last name
  • First Name: Patient's first name
  • Middle Name: Patient's middle name
  • Ssn: Patient's Social Security number
  • Address
    • Address 1: Patient's Street Address
    • Address 2: Suite/Apt. Number
    • CityStateZip
      • City: Patient's city
      • State: Patient's state
      • Zip: Patient's zip
    • Country: Patient's Country
    • Full Address: Patient's Full Address including street, suite/apt, city, state, and zip
    • One Line Address: Patient's Full Address as a single line
  • Birthday: Patient's DOB as entered in the Birth Date field under the Patient tab.
  • Pop Sex: Patient's gender (sex menu)
  • Pop Phone 1: Selection from the first phone pop-up menu (Home, Work, Mobile, Other)
  • Phone 1: Patient's phone number from the first pop-up menu
  • Phone 1 Ext: Patient's phone number extension from the first pop-up menu
  • Pop Phone 2: Selection from the second phone pop-up menu (Home, Work, Mobile, Other)
  • Phone 2: Patient's phone number from the second pop-up menu
  • Phone 2 Ext: Patient's phone number extension from the second pop-up menu
  • Pop Phone 3: Selection from the third phone pop-up menu (Home, Work, Mobile, Other)
  • Phone 3: Patient's phone number from the third pop-up menu
  • Phone 3 Ext: Patient's phone number extension from the third pop-up menu
  • Email: Patient's email address
  • Employer 1, 2, or 3: As entered in the Primary or Secondary tab where 1 is the first entry, and so on
    • Address
      • Address 1: Employer's Street Address
      • Address 2: Suite/Apt. Number
    • Citystatezip
      • City: Employer's City
      • State: Employer's State
      • Zip: Employer's Zip
    • Name: Employer Name
    • Phone: Employer Phone
    • Empid: Employer ID Field
    • Employer 1, 2, or 3 Phone: Employer's phone number
    • Employer 1, 2, or 3 Ext: Employer's phone extension
    • Employer 1, 2, or 3 Group: Employer's Group #
    • Nickname: Patient's nickname
  • Suffix: Patient's suffix (plus a period). For example, Jr., Sr.
  • Maiden: Patient's maiden name
  • Death Date: As entered in the Reporting sub-tab of the Patient tab
  • Birthtime: As entered in the Birth Time field of the Patient tab
  • Age For Person: Calculated age based on the patient's birthday. Will also pull "w" or "m" if the patient is an infant whereas a "y" will accompany the age if the patient is equal to or older than 1 years old.
  • Age For Person Year Only: Calculated age based on the patient's birthday without the "w", "m", or "y" as stated above.
  • First Space Last For Person: Patient's first and last name formatted with a space in between
  • Formatted Sex For Person: Sex of the patient, not abbreviated, uppercase.
  • Formatted Sex For Person Lower: Sex of patient, not abbreviated, lowercase.
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