EMR & EDR Template Builder Element - Text Field

The Text Field Element captures brief strings of text.
Add a Text Field to the Form by dragging the Text Field from the Form Elements box in the Form Section Palette (EMR/EDR > Toggle Palette) to the Form Section. Click the block to edit context, font, size of element, or special properties in the Inspector.

Within the Inspector, the General tab sets general attributes for the Text Field.
  • Name: The Text Field label that will appear on the form
  • X and Y: The Text Field position within the Form Section grid
  • Width and Height: The Text Fields dimensions
  • Set Font: Sets the color of the text
  • Required Field: Sets the Text Field as a required field
  • Hide Label: Prevents the name from appearing on the form
  • Label on Left: Sets text to appear on the left of the label, rather then underneath the label
  • Display Border: shows the border of the Text Field on the form
Within the Inspector, the Option tab sets customized information. The Format menu contains six options:
  • Free Form: Allows free format entry
  • Alphanumeric: Allows the numbers 0 to 9 and letters A to Z, with a checkbox to Capitalize all letters
  • Letters Only: Allows only letters with a checkbox to Capitalize all letters
  • Numbers Only: Allows only numbers
  • Date Only: Allows only a date with a 00/00/0000 sequence
  • Phone Only: Allows only a phone number with area code and number (000-000-0000)
The Max Length field sets the amount of characters allowed in the Text Field. By default, 40 characters are allowed, however the field can be set anywhere from 1 to 255 characters.
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