EMR & EDR Template Builder Element - Slider

The Slider captures a selected value between a minimum and maximum value. Sliders are designed to be used for types of data which will always be collected, as an unset value will display the minimum value on the Narrative.
Add a Slider to the form by dragging the Slider from the Form Section Palette (EMR/EDR > Toggle Palette) to the Form Section. Click the block to edit the name, size, position, and special properties in the Inspector.

Within the Inspector, the General tab sets general attributes for the Slider.
  • Name: The name of the Slider, which does not appear on the Form
  • X and Y: The Slider position within the Form Section grid
  • Width and Height: The Slider dimensions
The Label Element can be used to apply a label to the Slider.

Within the Inspector, the Option tab sets the custom attributes of the Slider. By default, the Slider values are set to a Max and Min of "0 - 100" with a precision of "1" .
  • Min: Sets the minimum value of the Slider
  • Max: Sets the maximum value of the Slider
  • Precision: Set the increment by which the Slider is adjusted
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