EMR & EDR - Print Multiple Forms For A Patient

In the EMR/EDR Menu, there is an option that allows you to Print Multiple Forms for a patient.

Once in the One Mode, the EMR/EDR Menu will have an option that says Print PATIENT'S NAME Patient Forms.

From here, a new window will open that allows for a date filter. With the date filter you can set a beginning and end time to search for specific forms within the time frame.

The Filter By Form dropdown allows you to see only the selected form that was used in your specific date range.

If you choose the Select All box, you will be able to select every form that is listed. If you want to print every form for the patient, you can leave the Start and End Dates blank, and then Select All.

You are also able to select if you want to print the form side or the narrative side with the buttons at the bottom of the window.

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