How to Create Reminders

Reminders are associated to an order and will pop-up for the assigned user at a designated date and time. To create a reminder, select the desired order and click the Reminders button, located at the bottom center of the order detail pane.
The following prompt will appear:

Click the plus button in the upper right corner (1) to add a new reminder. A new row will appear in the window. Set the date and time for the pop-up reminder to appear (2). Click the plus button again to add more reminders. Click the minus button next to a date and time to remove that reminder line (3). Clicking the minus button on the top "Add Reminders" line will delete all listed reminders.
Click OK (4) after creating all the needed reminders. Clicking Cancel will return to the Order window and will not save any new reminders that were created. Additional reminders can be added at any time by clicking the Reminders button in the order detail pane.

When the reminder time arrives, the user the Reminder is assigned to will see a pop-up alert with the order's short description. Even if the order was initially assigned to someone else when the reminders were created, the alert will appear for the currently-assigned user. There are three buttons in this alert:
  • Remind Me Later postpones the reminder by 5 minutes.
  • Open Reminder takes the user to the associated order within the Orders tab.
  • OK dismisses the alert without any further action.
Reminders - Lightbulb
In the lower right corner of the MacPractice window is a lightbulb icon. If the logged in user has overdue active reminders the lightbulb will be lit.
The lightbulb has three different colors:
 Default: No current Reminders
 Yellow: A reminder is queued up.
 Red: An urgent reminder is queued up.
Click the lightbulb to view the available reminders. By default only active reminders are visible.
The window can be filtered to show only reminders for a given date range by checking the From Date and To Date checkboxes and entering the desired date or date range.

The Status menu can be used to view reminders that are not active.
  • Active: Reminders that have not yet displayed the reminder alert
  • Closed: Reminders that were associated to orders that were marked as Closed before the reminder alert time
  • Notified: Reminders that were displayed, and the user clicked either OK or Open Reminder
  • All: All reminders associated to the user
After selecting a new status, or updating the from/to dates, click Reload to update the reminder list in the window. Double-click any row in the reminder list to go to the order connected to the reminder.

Click Close to close the reminder list and return to the main MacPractice window.

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