Orders - How to Create Orders

Creating an Order with No Patient Selected
To create an order without a patient selected, select the Patients node in the sidebar, click the Orders tab, and click the green plus button to the far right of the MacPractice window. A pop-up window will appear, allowing the user to search for a patient, to Show All patients, or to create a Blank order. 
Blank orders are not associated to patients but can be used for general office tasks, such as "Empty the shredder" or "Call Blue Cross regarding credential process".
If a patient is searched for or selected, their name and basic information will appear under the Order Table after clicking OK. In either scenario the cursor will jump to the Short Description field, which is required before saving.

You can read more about the Order Detail Pane in this linked article here for more information on the other fields.
Creating an Order with a Patient Selected
To create an order with a patient selected, go to the patient's Orders tab and click the green plus button to the far right side of the MacPractice window. The patient's information will be populated in the demographic area of the order, and the cursor will jump to the Short Description field. The short description is a required field and must be entered before the order can be saved.

Please see the section entitled Order Settings and Fields for more information about the other fields available in the order detail pane.
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