Orders - Orders Table and Filters

The Orders tab is divided into two sections: the upper portion of the window contains the Order Table, which displays all orders based on the above filters, and the lower portion is the Order Detail pane, which contains detailed information about the selected order.

The Order Table & Filters
The upper portion of the Orders tab contains the orders table. This area displays a list of orders based on the above filters, and is used to create new order records.

The top of the Orders tab contains 6 filters:
  • Filter by Office
  • Filter by Provider
  • Filter by User
  • Filter by Type
  • Filter by Status
  • Filter by Signed
The settings of these filters determines what orders appear in order table. Each order record is associated to an office, provider, user, type and status. An order must match all of the selected filters, or it will be omitted from the order table. After selecting the filters, click the Reload button to the right of the order window to update the table so it reflects the new information.
By default, with a patient selected, these filters will be set to All Offices, All Providers, All Users, All Order Types, and status Open. This will display all open orders for the selected patient. Without a patient selected, the filters will default to All Offices, All Providers, the logged in user, All Order Types, and Open. This will display all open orders assigned to the logged in user.
The order table contains a number of columns that display some details of the order at a glance. The table can be sorted by any column - just click on the column header to toggle between ascending and descending order.
Click on a row in the order table to select that order. The lower half of the window will display additional information and allow for changes to be made or notes to be added. 
Click the green plus button to create a new order. More information on creating orders can be found in the article Creating Orders. Click the red minus button to archive an order. If the order type is set to Laboratory it will no longer be included reports utilizing lab results.
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