Clinical Tab - Patient Education

The Patient Education widget tracks educational information that has been given to the patient.
There are two ways to give the patient these resources and record them.
  1. Set up references that you keep on hand in advance. Then record the items that were given to the patient by pressing the plus button above the Patient Education table. The Patient Education references must be set up ahead of time through the References ability; they cannot be added on the fly through the Patients ability. Each reference has specific requirements and will only be available if the patient meets the criteria.
  2. Click on the Info Button (the blue "i" icon) next to clinical items (problems, medications, allergies, lab results, smoking status, and immunizations) in the Clinical tab, select the resource to provide, and check the "Gave Resource to Patient" box. MacPractice will record that the information has been provided for the patient. 


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    Logan Young

    11.17+ All References that pertain to Clinical have been moved to the Clinical Ability sidebar (Immunizations, Patient Education Resources, Info Button Resources, Preventive Routine Cares, Series Status, Smoking Status)