Clinical Tab - Vitals

The Vitals widget is a record of a patient's recorded vital information.
At the top right you will see the Growth Charts button and the Add button.
The green plus Add button allows you to enter a new set of vitals for the patient. Enter details in the popup window and press Done.

Change localization preferences to metric units if it applies to your office. If you need to edit the patient's vitals record, double-click on the row to re-open the vitals pane.

If you enter any values that may indicate the patient needs attention, such as a high resting heart rate or hypertension, MacPractice will prompt you to take action in a clinical alert. These alerts may be disabled for certain users based on their privileges and new types of alerts and responses can be customized in the References

As you enter new vitals records over time, you will be able to see and track trends in the patient's condition. Clicking on the Growth Charts button will bring up the chart window. This chart tracks certain statistics over time. You can cycle through the different charts using the dropdown menu in the upper left. The Show/Hide Key button will control whether the color key for the chart is visible. The Show/Hide Table button will control whether the table view of the charted information is visible.
Patient's vitals may also be entered in EMR, EHR and iEHR forms; all of the details are recorded back to this table. The data entered will pulls forward into Notes, Forms, EMR, EHR, and iEHR forms. Certain clinical reports will use the information entered in the vitals. 
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