Account Tab - Account Alerts

Use this space to enter alerts that pertain to an account, rather than a specific patient. These alerts are often financial, some common alerts include warnings about cash only or collections accounts. 

Click the plus button above the Alert table to open the search window. Search or scroll through to select the alert. If the record is not present, use the plus button to create a new one. New alerts may be created through the References ability and user privileges may be set to restrict adding references on the fly. MacPractice does not recommend adding actual patient names to the alerts, such as "Sally is in Collections" as this reference is available on all patients throughout the database. Use an alert such as "In Collections" instead.

The Account Alerts also have an Expiration Date field that can be used to prevent an alert from appearing after a particular date range. This will not delete the alert but prevent the alert from popping up.

Once a patient has been assigned an alert, a green triangle will display in the patient selector. Click this triangle to view the alert pop-up (provided you have appropriate privileges to view alerts). Disable the alert preference if you do not want the pop-up to appear automatically. 

If there are both account and patient alerts assigned, the triangle will be both green and yellow.

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