Account Tab - Statement Information

The Statement Information sub-tab of the Account tab contains a number of fields to help customize the account's statements.
  • The Previous Account Number field can be used to add any defining number to a patient account, such as the account number before joining accounts or from a previously used software.
  • Use the Financial Status field to assign user-defined statuses to the account. For more information on Financial Statuses, click here.
  • The Provider & Office fields allows as overall provider and office to the account. The Account provider and office can be set separately from the Patient provider and office. For more information on provider associations, click here.
  • Patients in This Account lists all of the patients under this account number.
  • Portal Users with Access to Patients in This Account shows everyone who can see this patient's information when they log in to the portal.
  • Use the Where To Send Statements radio buttons to choose whether the statement will be addressed to the name and address on the Primary, Secondary, or Patient tabs. Use Patient Address will print the address of the first patient on the account (for example, if you had two parents and a child on account 123, the statement would be addressed to whatever patient was assigned the patient number 123-1).
  • Use the Set Statement Message menu to enter a pre-defined statement message in the text box below. You can also enter free text into this field to be printed on the account's statement.
  • Check the One-Time Message checkbox to limit the statement message to the account's next statement only.
  • When the Exempt Finance Charge checkbox is selected, the account will not be charged a finance charge in Statement Manager. For more information on how finance charges are issued, click here.
  • The Installment Amount field is used with the Installment statement forms. If the patient's balance is greater than the installment amount listed on the account, the installment amount will be listed instead. This is useful if you wish to set up a payment plan for your patient, but do not wish to use the Contract Billing feature.
  • If you wish to issue a flat-rate percentage discount on all charges entered in the account, enter the discount into the Percent Discount (%) field.
  • The Monthly Statement Options menu allows you to choose when a patient is displayed in Statement Manager. See our Account Monthly Statement Option Report documentation for more information on these settings.
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