Primary & Secondary Tab - Employers

The Employers section of the Primary or Secondary tab allows offices to record the person's employment information.

Click the plus sign near the upper right corner of the Employers table. This will bring up a list of Employer references. Use the search field and select a record from the list. If the name is not present, use the plus button on the top right to create a new record then enter the employer information and address.

Set a preference in the Patient Ability > Insurance settings to have MacPractice prompt users to add related insurance carriers after adding employers. 

After adding an employer to the guarantor's account, enter their Phone number, Extension, and Group #, if applicable. The Group # will be pulled automatically to the Policy # field of an insurance record associated to that employer.

Find a list of all accounts with this employer by running the Persons by Employer report, this information can be printed, exported, or used for marketing.

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