Patients Sidebar - Adding a New Patient

Create a new patient (as opposed to a new account) when the party that will be financially responsible for the patient is already in the database. Select an existing member of the account in the sidebar, then click the plus button. An alert with three options: Cancel, New Account, New Patient appears; to add a new patient to the existing account, click the New Patient button. Click here for more information on adding a new account.

After selecting New Patient, a new entry will appear in the sidebar. The patient's address and last name will populate based on the address of other patients on the account. Enter the patient's first name (and other any necessary information), then save changes by going up to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut.

The new patient will appear in the sidebar with the same account number as the previously selected patient, except the new patient will have a different last number (for example, 1234-2).

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