Patients Sidebar- Adding a New Account

To create a new account in the Patient ability, click the green plus sign in the upper left corner of the MacPractice sidebar. If no patient is selected, a prompt will appear to create a New Account. Click New Account to continue. A New Account item will appear in the sidebar. The Last Name and First Name fields are marked in red, indicating they are required information.

The name fields are the only required fields. This allows staff to enter the patient into MacPractice when they initially call the office and fill in additional detail when the patient comes in for an appointment.

After the name has been entered, save changes by going up to the Edit menu and choosing Save Record, or using the Command-S keyboard shortcut. An alert will appear, asking if the patient is the same as the Primary. If the New Account patient is the Primary (Guarantor) in the account, click Yes. If the New Account patient is not the Primary in the account, click No to be taken to the Primary tab and enter the Primary information.

Save the information after making changes. The New Account item in the sidebar will update with the patient's name, and the new patient record will be selected.
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