Patients Sidebar - Default Record

When creating a new patient or account, the information listed in the Default record in the Patients sidebar will be added to the new record.

The most common defaults are:

  • Phone Numbers: You may wish to set the labels for each phone field; by default they are all set to Home but many office record this information in a specific order such as Mobile, Work, then Home.
  • Provider, Office, Fee Schedule: Select the provider, office, and fee schedule that will pull to the New Charge window by default. If you have multiple providers, offices, or fee schedules, you may wish to leave these set to None to prevent new patients from being associated to the incorrect provider. You may also choose to turn on a preference to use the Account provider instead. In MacPractice DDS, there will also be a Preferred Hygienist field. This is for reference only, and is not used in charges or scheduling.
  • Relationship to Primary/Secondary: This sets the default relationship between the person listed in the Patient tab and the person listed in the Primary tab. For most offices, this will be set to Self. Pediatric offices may wish to set this to Child. This relationship setting is based on relationship types allowed by Insurance Companies, as it will be the relationship within a claim generated for this patient.
    Note: These relationship defaults will not apply when creating a new patient via the schedule; when a patient is created by that method, the relationship to Primary/Secondary will always be set to Self.

Depending on the office workflow, it may be useful to set a default Marital Status, Employment Status, or Language in the relevant menu. Once a menu has been set in the Default patient record, all new patients created will use those settings. Edit the Default record at any time (assuming the MacPractice user has the necessary privileges).

Most fields can be set in the Default record. There are a few exceptions, including: Last Name, First Name, Middle, Prefix, Suffix, Maiden Name, Nickname, Social Security, Birth Date, Birth Time, and New Patient Date. Additionally, you cannot set default items in the Ledger or Orders tabs.

In the Primary/Secondary tabs, MacPractice suggests setting "Signature on File" and "Release of Info" to be checked by default under the Primary and Secondary tabs. However, this does not apply for all offices.

MacPractice MD, DC, and 20/20 displays boxes 12 and 13 for the CMS 1500 form, while DDS displays the corresponding boxes 36 and 37 for the ADA 2012 form.

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