iPhone Interface - Preferences

Tap the icon of a person and a gear to access your iPhone interface preferences. 


  • Logout
    You can set the application to log out after a set number of minutes, or not at all. Note that you will not be forced out after the timer ends, but will be unable to load a new page after the timer runs out--the page you have open will stay open indefinitely.


  • Appts. Time Order
    This option allows you to sort your appointments from first to last. By default the list is sorted by first appointments of the day.
  • Past Appts.
    This preference, if enabled, will display appointments for the selected day that are in the past. By default, this is set to on. If off, this will hide appointments prior to the current time.
  • Weekend Appts
    By default the weekends will not show while you navigate through appointments. You can turn this to on to show Saturdays and Sundays.

Post Charge

  • Show Diagnosis
    Show the diagnosis code fields in the Post Charge form.
  • Show Modifiers
    Show the modifier fields in the Post Charge form.
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