iPhone Interface - Preferences

Tap the icon of a person and a gear to access your iPhone interface preferences.

  • Logout
    You can set the application to logout in a set number of minutes or not at all.
    NOTE: The application will not log out out until you try and view a page.


  • Appts. Time Order
    This option allows you to sort your appointments from first to last. By default the list is sorted by first appointments of the day.
  • Past Appts.
    This preference will show or not show TODAY'S past appointments. By default, this is set to on.
  • Weekend Appts
    By default the weekends will not show while you navigate through appointments. You can turn this to on to show Saturdays and Sundays.

Post Charge

  • Show Diagnosis
    Show the diagnosis code fields in the Post Charge form.
  • Show Modifiers
    Show the modifier fields in the Post Charge form.
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