iPhone Interface - Post Charges

You can post charges via the iPhone interface by tapping Post Charge. You will presented with a list of your fee schedules. Tap the one you wish to use to post the charge. The patient's default fee schedule will have (Default) listed after the fee schedule name.

Enter a code, short description or alias in the Search field, then tap the Search button. You will see a list of codes that match the search term. Tap the code you wish to add to the patient's ledger. You will see information about the code, including the procedure date, code, short description, and unit fee. If you enabled the Modifier and Diagnosis fields in the iPhone preferences, you can enter that information as well.

Tap Post Charge when you are done entering your information.

The procedure will not be added to the patient's ledger immediately. A HL7 Imported Transactions order will be created for the patient. Click here for information on posting charges from an order.

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