iEHR - Schedule View

Log in to iEHR to select a patient appointment from the My Appointments tab or the All Appointments tab in Schedule ViewMy Appointments will display only appointments for the user currently logged in to iEHR, while All Appointments will display any appointment on the schedule for the set date.

To change the date, tap the back or forward arrows on the Showing Appointments for field. Alternatively, tap the date field to select a specific date from the Start Date menu, then tap off the menu to view the now narrowed appointment results.

If a patient's record is currently open elsewhere, the appointment record will display the eye icon along with the Username locking the record. Tap the appointment and the Patient locked notification will display the Username and the IP address to the connection where the patient is locked. Until the patient record is no longer accessed by this connection, the patient record can be viewed in Read Only mode, where information can be viewed but not modified.

If the patient does not have an appointment to display on the My Appointments or All Appointments tabs, search for the patient name in the Search All tab. Enter the patient name and tap the Search button on the on screen keyboard. Tap the desired patient record from the resulting list.

The Recent Forms tab displays forms that iEHR has modified. Tap one of the AllOpen, or Closed segmented buttons to further filter the results based on the form's current progress:

  • All displays all forms modified for the selected date.
  • Open displays forms that have been modified but not locked.
  • Closed displays locked forms.

Tap the Forms For field to display the Forms by modified date section, from which all forms from a specific date be displayed as selections. Tap any resulting date to choose the forms for that date or the Load More button to view more dates.

The Show only Forms I modified checkbox can be used to display only forms saved by the current iEHR user.

Tap any forms to directly load that form to Form View. Each form for a patient will display in Incident View, regardless of the form's current progress or modification date.
Refresh the page with a tap and hold, then drag and release motion.

Tap and hold the top of the page, then drag the page downward until the Release to refresh appointments bar appears at the top of the page. Once the page is released, iEHR will reload any additional information.

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