Clipboard - Form Library

The Form Library is used to find and add new Clipboard templates to the database, or update the database's current Clipboard templates. From the Choose Template menu, tap Get More Templates to access the Forms Library.
Within the Form Library, form results that appear with a green check icon have already been downloaded to the database. Forms results can be found through All TemplatesSpecialties, or Updates.

  • Tap the All Templates button to view all templates. The NameDate, and Popular segmented buttons at the top of All Templates view can be used to filter the All Templates results alphabetically, by uploaded date, or by download popularity.
  • Tap the Specialties button to discover forms categorically by specialty. Tap any listed specialty category to display the related templates.
  • Tap the Updates button to list any available updates to any previously downloaded form.
Tap any form to download the preview. The form preview will display the template as it appears without any patient data. Tap Install to import the form. The template will then be available to add to any Patient Clipboard Session in the Choose Template menu.
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