Preferences - Clipboard

The Clipboard app can be customized within the MacPractice Preferences under Clipboard.

The Clipboard Unlock Pin is a four digit PIN that will be used to unlock Clipboard each time a patient completes a form if TouchID is not enabled on the iPad. This PIN should be updated from the default of "1234" to a number not easily guessed by patients that may use the Clipboard App.

The Clip Label is the customizable text that greets a patient on the selected Clipboard forms. Example Clip Labels might be the Office Name, a brief message, or a friendly greeting.

Within MacPractice, set the Unlock Pin and the Clip Label in MacPractice Preferences under iPad Clipboard App. Enter the Unlock Pin and Clip Label in the respective fields. If Clipboard is already in use, quit and restart Clipboard for these changes to take effect.

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