EHR - Pull Data

The EHR ability allows previously entered data to be pulled forward into a patient form. MacPractice can be adjusted pull data forward to match the office workflow. Information can be pulled into a form three different ways. 

Allow sections to pull data forward

This option is available during the initial creation of the patient form while selecting the template. Checking this box will place bars across each section that can pull data forward.

The bar will help catch the eye of the clinician showing a preview of the data to be pulled forward. If the information should be pulled forward, simply click the button Pull Data. If it is better to start from scratch select the Cancel button. 

Auto-commit pulled data

This option is also available during the initial creation of the patient form. Checking the box to Auto-commit pulled data will automatically place the previous information into the form without showing any blue bars or previews. 

Sometimes the auto-commit option is used and later the user finds a section that needs to be cleared to start from scratch. Instead of manually deleting each line item, select the gear button at the top of the section and click Clear Section.

Pull data into this section from existing forms

This option can be used after the form has been completed. This allows the user to select unique sections to pull forward rather than the entire template. This option also allows the user to select which previous form is used to pull data forward. Simply click the download button in the top right corner of the section to see all previous versions of this section. This is also a great way to see the history of the patient's progression through EHR forms. 

The user may also use this option to set up how the template will pull sections in the future. Within each section, data can be pulled to the Patient Form in a more sophisticated way. For example, a Chief Complaint may be set to pull only Data Saved Today, as the data may only be relevant for a single patient encounter. Histories, such as Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, and so on, may be continually relevant to each Patient Form and can automatically pull the Most Recent Data. Plan data may change for each patient visit and thus may be set to pull Nothing.

  • Data Saved Today: Only data saved today on existing patient forms will display a Pull Preview within the section.
  • Most Recent Data: Only the most recent matching data on existing patient forms will display a Pull Preview within the section.
  • Nothing: Data will not display as a pull preview. To pull data to the section from existing forms, click the Pull Data icon each time a Patient Form is created.
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