EHR - Narrative View

A patient form will have a Form View and a Narrative View in the EHR Ability. The form view allows the user to input information into the patient's forms. The narrative view is a printer friendly option and will be the final view when the form is locked. The narrative has three important features. 

Current Narrative

The current narrative can be found in the EHR header. Simply click the the double arrows to switch to the current narrative. This will switch from the form view to show how the form will print on paper. This will also give the user a preview of how the form would look if it was locked. User the header to switch back to the form view


A Snapshot is created every time that a user saves a change to the patient 's form. This is a great way to see which user is making changes and to see how the form looked previously. Simply click the the double arrows to switch the view to a snapshot. Snapshots will only appear once the form has been saved. User the header to switch back to the form view

Search Field

The narrative is also a great way to search for an item within the patient's form. Simply switch the view to the current narrative or a snapshot and user the search field in the right corner of the EHR header. Use the arrows to quickly navigate to the previous or next place the word was used in the patient's form. 


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