EHR Template Editor - Sections

The Sections Node under the Template Editor is home to all of the installed EHR sections within MacPractice. This node will open to display all of the sections that can be used in the system. Selecting a section from this node will display the details of the section. Click the green plus in the sidebar to create a new section from scratch. The Shared Templates can also be used to jumpstart this creation process. 

The section editor is composed of two panels. 

Section Details
The Section Details will contain all of the settings for the selected section. The section name will show in the EHR form as the header for each section. The description is used to help define and organize the templates when creating a new patient form. Pull Preferences can be setup to allow the form to pull data from today, the most recent data or no data at all. 

The Add Field popup is used to add a new field into the section. Fields are the building blocks of EHR sections.  As a new field is added to the section, the user will be prompted to enter in a name. 

Field Details and Preview Panel
Once a field has been added to the section and given a name, navigate to the Field Details panel. This can be found by clicking Field at the top of the right panel. The field details will be different per section. However, the user will be able to mark if an item is Required or Hidden from the Clipboard application by checking the corresponding boxes.  

This panel can also give the user a preview of the section that is being created. Simply select the Preview button at the top of the panel to interact with the current section.  

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