EHR Template Editor - Templates

The Templates Node under the Template Editor is home to all of the installed EHR templates within MacPractice. This node will open to display all of the templates that can be used in the system. Selecting a form from this node will display the details of the template. Click the green plus in the sidebar to create a new template from scratch. The Shared Templates can also be used to jumpstart this creation process. 

The Template detail window is composed of three sections:

Note: Any edits done to existing Templates will affect every existing instance of that Template.

Section List
The section list will display all of the sections that can be added into the current template. Sections can be made in the section node of the template editor. Use the search box at the top of the section list to search for the title of the section. If this list is not showing, click Add Sections in the Template Detail panel. 



Template Details
The Template details will start with the template name. Fill in the Template Name that will be used when selecting this form for a patient. Be sure to select the corresponding checkboxes if the template will be used for the Clipboard or for Online Registration. Add a section to the template by simply dragging it from the Section List into the Template Detail panel. 


The Export button will allow the user to save a file of the form onto the computer or another drive outside of MacPractice. 

The Preview panel is used to give a quick preview of the current template. Preconfigured sections will have a limited view as these sections cannot be changed. Select fields in the preview to view how the form will function in patient's chart. If the preview panel is not showing, click the Preview button in the section detail column.


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