EHR - Form View

A patient form will have a Form View and a Narrative View in the EHR Ability. The form view allows the user to input information into the patient's forms. The narrative view is a printer friendly option and will be the final view when the form is locked. The form view is composed of three sections. 

EHR Header
The top of the EHR form displays the EHR Header. This header is used to view snapshots or current narrative of the current form. The header also allows the user to lock the EHR form once the patient visit is complete.

The form view will also display separate sections of the patient form. These sections can be adjusted within the section editor of the EHR ability. Sections are used to break up the template into smaller portions allowing easier navigation and use. Sections also have the option to pull data forward. Visit the EHR Form At A Glance to learn about each section and their unique options. 

Table of Contents
The form view will display a table of contents to the left of the patient form. This table of contents can be hidden by clicking on the four horizontal lines in the left of the EHR Header. 

The table of contents has two different functions. Select the title of a section to hide all other sections within the EHR ability. This is a great option for nurses and assistance that only complete a portion of the EHR form.  

Click the Go To button to be taken to the section within the form without hiding all other sections. 

The best practice is to use these features together. Select the first section title that will be completed on this patient visit. Then click the Go To button on another section to add it to the selection. The Show All button at the top of the screen will show the form at the default view. 

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