Notes - Prescriptions Data Pull Fields

The fields available in the Prescription table pull data from the records under the Active Med List and/or Inactive Med List nodes of the Rx Ability.

  • Additional Sig: Text entered in the Additional Sig field
  • Brand: Name of the prescription
  • Date: Date the prescription was created
  • Dispense: Dispense number from the prescription
  • Dose Calculation: Selection in the Dose Calc pop-up button
  • Duration: Number entered in the Duration (Days) field on the prescription
  • Frequency: Selection in the Frequency popup button
  • May Substitute: If the May Substitute checkbox on the patient's medication record under the Medications node of the Rx ability is checked, May substitute will be displayed on the note. If the box is unchecked No Substitution-Medically Necessary will display on the note.
  • National Drug Code: Lists the National Drug Code associated with the selected medication
  • Prescribed Date: Date entered in the Prescribed Date field
  • Refills: Number of refills allowed for the prescription
  • Route: Route selected in the prescription
  • Sig: The full prescription text generated from the Take, Drug Form, Route, Frequency, Duration, Dispense, PRN, and Refills
  • Special Instructions: Lists the Special Instructions/Note to Pharmacist entered in the prescription
  • Started Date: Date entered in the Started Date field
  • Status: Whether the prescription is Active or Inactive
  • Take: Number entered in the Take field of the prescription
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