Notes - Provider Pull Fields

All pull fields come from the provider that is selected in the Patients Ability > Patient > Provider popup. The information can be changed in the provider's User Reference. If specific field is not noted, the name of the pull field is the same as the name of the field in the Patient tab. All information, unless otherwise noted, can be changed in the References Ability > Users.

  • Last Name: Provider's last name
  • First Name: Provider's first name
  • Middle Name: Provider's middle name
  • Suffix: Provider's suffix
  • Title: Provider's title
  • Form Name: Provider's name, as entered in "Name Printed in Box 33 HCFA" (this field is labeled "Name Printed in Box 53 of Insurance in MacPractice DDS)
  • Phone: Provider's phone number
  • Phone Extension: Provider's extension
The following fields pull from the Provider Numbers tab of the provider's User Reference unless otherwise noted.
  • Provider Number: Number listed in the Provider field
  • Hospital Number: Number listed in the Hospital field
  • UPIN: Number listed in the UPIN field
  • Unique Number: Number listed in the Unique field
  • SSN: Number listed in the SSN/Provider ID field
  • Federal Number: Number listed in the Federal/Billing Provider field.
  • Sub ID: Number listed in the Sub ID field.
  • CLIA: Number listed in the CLIA field.
  • EClaim Tax ID: This field depends on the setting in the "Provider Tax ID on Claims" pop-up menu in Provider Numbers tab. If it is set to "Use Social Security Number", the pull field will list a 0. A 1 will be display in the note if it is set to "Use Federal ID Number".
  • Other Number 1: Number listed in the Other 1 field.
  • Other Number 2: Number listed in the Other 2 field.
  • Other Number 3: Number listed in the Other 3 field.
  • Other Number 4: Number listed in the Other 4 field.
  • Other Number 5: Number listed in the Other 5 field.
  • DEA Number: Number listed in the DEA field.
  • DPS Number: Number listed in the DPS field.
  • State License Number: Number listed in the State License field.
  • National Provider ID: Number listed in the National Provider ID (NPI) field (this field is found under the User Information tab of the provider's User Reference).
  • Title XIX SA Exception Code: Number listed in the Title XIX SA Exception Code Box 25D field.
  • ABN Number: Number listed in the ABN field.
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