Notes - Categories and Parts

While Templates are useful for creating an entire preset document, it may be more useful to construct a letter from several, smaller predesigned sets of text. These sets are known as Categories and Parts. Categories are groups of similar Parts, and Parts contain predefined text and pull fields.

For example, when creating a pre-procedure instruction sheet for a patient, there may be Parts that contain the pre-procedure instructions for each specific procedure, and these can be organized within a Category called Pre-Procedure Instructions. Other common Categories include Headers for several letter introductions or letterheads, a Closings category that contains a number of letter endings or signatures, and so on. Parts can be utilized to create very flexible documents.

Creating a Category
Categories exist to organize Parts. To create a new Category, select the Categories node in the sidebar and click the green plus button. A New Category will be created and can be renamed to reflect the type of text it will contain.
Sorting Categories
To reorganize Categories in the upper pane of the Notes Ability, click and drag the category to the desired order.

Creating Parts
To create a Part within a Category, select the Category and click the small green plus button to the right of the category name. A New Part will be added to the list and can be renamed by clicking the name or pressing the Tab key.

To add text and pull fields to the Part, select it in the list and add the text to the text area in the main part of the window. In the example below, a new part containing information about the patient's last payment was created.

Using Parts
To use a Part, simply drag the Part title from the Category list to the body of the note or template.
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