Time Clock Manager - Batch Record Creator Manager

The Time Clock Batch Record Creator, located in the Managers ability, is used to create time clock records for multiple users as a batch.

Within the Users table, select the Users to whom the Time Clock record batch should apply. Next, add the Date, Start, and End time of the Time Clock record within the respective fields. Set the AM/PM menus to correspond with the Start/End time.

The Record Type menu is used to set the type of the resulting Time Clock shifts. Set the menu to Regular, Break, Sick Time, Vacation, Personal Day, Paid Holiday, Military, or FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act).

The Prevent Overlaps checkbox is used to prevent the Time Clock Batch Record Creator Manager from overwriting an existing Time Clock record within the same record as the batch that is being created. With this checkbox enabled, Employees with conflicting Time Clock records will maintain the Time Clock record as before creating the batch.

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