Timesheet Report - Accounting Report

The Accounting Report is filtered by a User for a pay period to create a timesheet detailing the amount of time for which the User was clocked in.

Select the User from the Users menu, then set the Pay Period Menu, which holds options for Last Pay Period, Last Pay Period + 1 (week), and so on. To manually set dates within the Begin Date and End Date fields, select User Defined from the Pay Period menu:

The resulting Accounting Report displays the Employee Name (User) and Dates of the Pay Period, as well as columns for Date, Regular, Vacation, Sick, Personal, Paid Holiday, Other, and Total.

Time Clock records will appear in the column in which they were logged:

The Accounting Report rows lists the specific days in which Time Clock records were registered, as well as a Week Total row to add each of the columns. The final Accounting Report Total box displays the Total Regular, Overtime, and PTO (Paid Time Off) that were logged by the User within the date range:

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