Time Clock - Adding Records

Adding Records
The Time Clock node displays a calendar with each of the Time Clock records. The columns within the calendar are the Users enabled in Time Clock Resources.


Time Clock records can be added manually as one would create appointments in the Schedule ability. Click and drag any slot within the schedule. From the resulting menu, set a Begin and End Date and Time, or add the number of hours. A Record Type can also be set for Sick Time, Regular, Break, Vacation, and so on. A Note field is available for freeform notes.

Current Record:
 The check here notes that the record is 'current' which implies that the employee is clocked in at the moment of edit.

 The check here indicates that this record may need to be looked into in the future. It will highlight the record in pink and is a placeholder for when the record in question may not be able to be attended to in the moment. This is only an indicator and cannot be tracked outside of the sidebar.

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