Time Clock - Entries Window

Entries Window
Time Clock records are added through the Time Clock status icon. Click the icon to clock In, Out, or On Break. The Time Clock Status Icon will change to represent the selected option.

Selecting Show Window will display Time Clock records for the User, filtered by the Date menu (select Today, Yesterday, or This Week).

Click the segmented buttons to clock In, Break, or Out.

Check the Show At Login box to show the Time Clock Entries Window when logging in to MacPractice.


Total Regular is the amount of time for which you are on the clock, or billable work hours.

Total Break is the amount of time you are clocked out to break.

Vested Break will show you the amount of your break for which you are getting paid. So if you take a 20 minute break where only 15 minutes are allotted, then your Vested Break is only 15 minutes and the other 5 are unpaid. (If you wish to change the amount of time that is set to be paid, you can change the preference Here.)

Total Time shows the full amount of time you spend clocked in over the course of a day.

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